Microblading brows manual technique


No matter how they call it microblading and 6D and manual technique method also from different schools and representative offices such as PhiBrows to Lash & brows, I still consider this to be one of the types of permanent makeup. It differs from the hardware method in that it is done using a special pen with a disposable blade and in translation it is called «micro» small and «blading» blade, and also differ in the technique of application and the pattern of hair pattern.

I also learned this microblading technique in a St. Petersburg school, practiced for several years, but having made my own conclusions I stopped using it altogether..


Microblading method advantages and disadvantages technigue

I liked that with the help of this pen you can make very thin «hairs» imitating real ones, where there is not enough for eyebrow density.

But this is where the pros are over:

The method of application was very traumatic — with the help of a blade, the skin is cut and a special pigment is rubbed into the skin.

It’s good that I was a master with experience, I felt and controlled the depth of application to the skin, but many «beginners» often cut the skin into blood, so choosing a master for this technique should be chosen more carefully than her husband, the consequences can be very dire.

I also did not like the pigments, they are thicker and more plastic, and during the procedure you need to rub into these cuts. Over time, the pigment is removed and leaves a red residue, the paint lasts a little (about 1 year) Therefore, I changed the pigments and began to use those that I used to work in hardware technology, as they say, proven by experience and time..

Microblading brows manual and mixed technique

Over time, I slightly adapted this procedure and began to apply the second passes with the apparatus. On top, apply shading with the apparatus, as the hairs made with the blade were thinner than real ones, and the eyebrows generally looked pale and empty.

This procedure was very popular among clients, but over time I still began to notice that there are traces in the form of scars from the blades, and I consider this procedure traumatic and not suitable for everyone, it is contraindicated for aging and thin skin!

2021 Microblading price in Dubai

microblading prices range from 500-2000 dinars

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